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Mombasa hamlets welcome volunteers of all ages and areas of expertise. Current opportunities exist in the areas coaching in our soccer team,, training youth on leadership skills, in violence prevention, HIV/AIDS and environmental conservation, training in drama or dance, acrobat, fire dancing counseling, micro-finance, and fundraising.

Volunteers may choose to focus on just one or on a few different areas. we will work closely with you to create a program that matches your interests and abilities with the needs of youth in Mombasa.

We welcome volunteers, individually or in groups, who can work with us for just a few days to those who can stay for a period of months.

The costs of Volunteering: Mombasa hamlets does not charge a program fee for volunteering. However, volunteers are responsible for all of their travel, visa, immunization and living costs in Kenya.

We assist volunteers in finding safe and comfortable accommodation. We also meet our volunteers at the airport and provide them with an orientation to Mombasa throughout their first few days with us. Reference letters can also be provided to volunteers at their end of their time in Mombasa, if requested.
For more information about volunteering for Mombasa Hamlets, please send an email to our administration at