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Mombasa hamlets a project of kibera hamlets a not for profit organization in kibera slums is managed by a team of is managed by five -member management board of dedicated young people. Our team in Mombasa is professionally trained and experienced in managing both the financial and programming components of an organization. their first-hand knowledge of the social and . All the policies are formulated by the management board with professional input from the Advisory Board and implemented by the Secretariat headed by a Director Leadership structure emphasizes grassroots decision-making and self-reliance. 

John Adoli: is the director of Mombasa hamlets has worked with several organization which included Carolina for kibera, centre for diseases and control. Has a passion for working with disadvantaged communities and touching lives of his fellow youths and children.
Finance officer

Stephine odhiambo: is a Certified public accountant part two SEC 3 and is still determined to complete all the certified public account Kenya (CPA K). Odhiambo was born and lives in kibera. He joined kibera hamlets in 2009 he ensure that the organization funds are appropriately managed, and he prepares the budgets and quarterly financial reports. Sports Program Officer

Sean Nuchio: Through the sports program, Sean nuchio has been passionate in taking the leading role to see the youths in Mombasa nurture their talent through soccer .this projects has helped in developing leadership skills among the youths within Mombasa slums. Sean is really passionate of giving back to the community.
He is the Art Theatre/drama program officer.

Will Ruddick: joined Mombasa hamlets as volunteer while serving a US peace corp. volunteer in 2009. He found that by using fire dance as a medium he was able to break through social barriers and reach most of the children within youths within Mombasa.