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Through our soccer teams participations in the Kenya soccer league. And organizing of soccer tournament within Mombasa, coaching course and leadership training.

Mombasa hamlets is actively involved in encouraging sport for the emotional and physical development for youths. Mombasa hamlets believe that sports is a powerful tool through which to educate and reduce idleness and risky behavior among youth

The Mombasa Hamlets football team has been a story of transformation and hope. 4 years ago Sean Nuccio arrived in Mombasa wondering exactly what he would be doing and how God would use Him. He soon encountered a group of teenage boys living on the streets. Many of the boys were on drugs, most of them were thieves, and very few were in school or had any hope for a future. The boys were on the streets for a variety of reasons. Some had lost their parents to disease. Some had mothers who remarried and the new husband would not take kids from the previous father. Others were simply 1 among 5-10 kids living in house of a single mother who could not provide so they took to the streets to survive. They had come from different parts of the country and different tribes and most of the time did not get along but there was one commonality that they shared and that was a love for soccer.

For those 2 hours a day, they were not thinking about where their next meal would come from, or where they were going to sleep, it was just playing the game they love. Sean partnered with John Adoli of Kibera Hamlets to create a Mombasa Hamlets program. This program helped get these boys off the streets, off drugs, into school, into jobs. As well as spiritual/character development and mentoring. Sean and John did life with these boys and helped them transform. The soccer program has been a large part of that process. These boys had lots of talent but were young and undisciplined. They had never played organized football or been part of any real team in a league. It has been a process...

The first season the Mombasa Hamlets did not win a game, there were lots of red cards and fights. The second year you could start to see a change and they won a couple games and there were fewer cards and more team work. The 3rd at 500 and you would not even recognize them as the same group. They became a team and good sports and you could see their confidence begin to change as they believed in themselves. This year the team is at the top of the league and undefeated in Mombasa. The record is only a reflection though of the change that has taken place within these boys as they have been given hope and chance for the future. Through football, but as well as being in school or working and off the streets. Today we tell stories of how the boys acted when we first started working with them and nobody believes us because of the amazing young men they have become. year of the program the boys finished