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As a US peace corp. volunteer serving in Kenya in 2009, Will Ruddick started volunteering with Kibera Hamlets - a not for profit organization in Kibera slum. He found that by using fire dance as a medium he was able to break through social barries and reach most of the children within kibera slums.

In February 2011 kibera hamlets replicated its art and theatre project in Mombasa –Kenya. Hence forming the Mombasa hamlets This project creates a space for inspiring artistic expression through theatre, dance, fire dancing ,acrobatics, music, narratives, poetry and creative writing, this project not only enables youth to their find voices, it also increases self-confidence, team work and showcases the diversity of cultures in Mombasa .

Through public performances and participatory educational theatre, this project raises awareness and engages the local community in discussions on critical issues affecting young people in Mombasa.